Reward System F.A.Q

What is my current available IconCoins balance?

Based on your orders, your total IconCoins is:

How can I get more IconCoins?

Create an account and stay logged in while shopping to receive our IconCoins.

You are able to collect IconCoins through your purchases from IconlabsOfficial. Each product category entitles you to a specific amount of IconCoins. Here are the details:

What is the purpose or function IconCoins?

  1. We do have many Coupons available. If you receive one, you can combine it with IconCoins to benefit even more.
  2. Your accumulated IconCoins can be put to use by either converting them into cash value or exchanging them for vouchers.
  • You can redeem IconCoins for actual USD when checking out with conversion rate: 500/1.
  • You can start redeeming with 1000 IconCoins only.
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