Zuno Studio – Zuno Lion Dance Artisan Keycap (In-stock)


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Zuno Lion Dance Artisan Keycap

Designed by ZUNO STUDIO


Zuno Cat cosplay Lion Dance. Lion Dance is a street folk dance art originating from China, often performed during festive occasions, especially the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, as the beast symbolizes prosperity, prosperity, happiness, prosperity.

Crafted from high quality materials using a mold made entirely of epoxy resin, no paint is used, making artisan keycaps both durable and beautiful that can last for hundreds of years. It is hand-finished and carefully tested to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

This keycap is compatible with Cherry MX, Gateron and Kalih switches and is suitable for all keycap profiles.



  • Paper Box
  • Lion Dance keycap(s)


  • From 20 – 30 days via USPS for US Market
  • Other locations take at most 60 days
  • Fulfillment begins in 72 hours (maximum) after purchase
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Zuno Studio – Zuno Lion Dance Artisan Keycap (In-stock)