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Welcome to the world of the Chemical 001 Keycap Set, a unique keyboard accessory designed with chemistry lovers in mind. This set not only enhances your typing experience but also adds a touch of scientific flair to your keyboard setup.

Whether you’re a chemist, student, or simply fascinated by the world of elements, the Chemical 001 Keycap Set offers a unique opportunity to infuse your passion for chemistry into your everyday tech experience. Upgrade your keyboard setup and let your love for chemistry shine through each keypress.

=== SALE INFO ===
– Duration: Jan 04 – Jan 13
– Fulfillment expects to start 2 weeks after the pre-order ends

– Profile: Cherry
– Material: PBT Dyesub + Transparent PC
– 173 keycaps (including 38 transparent PC keycaps)

Unique benefit ordering from Iconlabs:
– Allows deposit
– Payment via Stripe/ Paypal/ Credit
– Including shipping globally
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– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iconlabsofficial
– Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZARttph5b5
– Website: https://www.iconlabsofficial.com/

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