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KBDcraft’s first work, a 60% custom mechanical keyboard with a brick-built case, Gasket mount, QMK and unlimited upgrade potential, is a great start to getting into the customizable keyboard. With High-quality parts, Adam embodies a revolutionary minecraft-style retro aesthetic into any setup.

ADAM has been engineered with priority to its functionality and upgradability, optimizing the Case and Core design as our most solid base for foreseeable diversification in the future. Alone with all exterior parts (Case Adam) in LEGO norm, every component in the Core has been created from scratch and refined through physical/numeric optimization.

=== SALE INFO ===
– Duration: 25/12/2023 –
– Fulfillment expects to start ____ after the pre-order ends

KBDcraft signature gasket mount structure
Cross compatibility
PCB compatible with VIAL Configurator and QMK
Checklist – full / base kit
Full Kit
+ Case Adam
+ Core64
+ Coil Cable
+ Stabi
+ Switch S² (65)
+ Keycap
+ Rubber Feet
Base kit does not include switches & keycaps
Available in colors:
– White
– Grey
Available in layouts:

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– Allows deposit
– Payment via Stripe/ Paypal/ Credit
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– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iconlabsofficial
– Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZARttph5b5
– Website: https://www.iconlabsofficial.com/

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[Pre-order] Adam Keyboard Kit by KBDCraft