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Spongebob Artisan Keycap

Designed by Mokee Factory

Introducing the delightful handmade Spongebob and Patrick keycap, a whimsical artisan treasure meticulously crafted by Mokee Factory. Made from high-quality resin and expertly hand-colored, this keycap brings to life the iconic friendship of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star. Every intricate detail captures their joyful expressions and playful personalities, reminding us of the beloved adventures in Bikini Bottom. 

With this keycap, your keyboard becomes a gateway to laughter and nostalgia, infusing your typing experience with the infectious spirit of these beloved cartoon characters. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Spongebob and Patrick, where creativity and joy abound, courtesy of this remarkable keycap masterpiece.

This keycap is compatible with Cherry MX, Gateron and Kalih switches and is suitable for all keycap profiles.


  • Paper Box
  • Spongebob/Patrick keycap(s)


  • From 20 – 30 days via USPS for US Market
  • Other locations take at most 60 days
  • Fulfillment begins in 72 hours (maximum) after purchase


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Mokee Factory – SPONGEBOB Artisan Keycap (In-stock)