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Dwarf Factory – Tiny Piece To Masterpiece
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The Fur Brothers’s villain

Robot BB-5A’s enemy


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The Heist – Accessories
The Fur Brothers – The Robot BB-5A

Start from 9th August – 26th August, 2023

Dwarf Factory takes you on a fascinating keyboard trip in this engaging compilation. Meet the Fur Brothers, a smart trio of super thieves – The Knuckles, Triple Q, and The T- bone.

These astute individuals are continually changing their identities in order to outwit the persistent Robot BB-5A, an expert in chasing criminals for rewards.

Dwarf Factory provides a fantastic feature with this collection, improving the product’s attractiveness and enjoyment. The Fur Brothers’ masks are easily interchangeable, much like the BB-5A Robot’s diverse weaponry. This innovation not only increases the collectability of the product but also provides an exciting experience for our loyal consumers. Prepare for a keyboard chase like no other!

General Information

Collection name:
The Heist – The Fur Brothers

The Robot BB-5A

Designs: 4

Colorways: 4

Size: 1U

Face masks (The Fur Brothers)
Weapons (The Robot BB-5A)

The Heist series comes in with 4 color ways:

The Fur Brothers’s Masks 

Midnight Squad – Born Pink Squad – FreeSky Squad – Tribal Squad 

The Robot BB-5A’s Weapons:
– Gun
– Wrench
– Chainsaw
Midnight Robot – Born Pink Robot – FreeSky Robot – Tribal Robot

So are you ready to join the squad with Iconlabs and Dwarf Factory for this battle ? 

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