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Astrovert, an astronaut in a weird wild galaxy, invites you to embrace the unfamiliar and join him on his space train. Lost in space for 8 years
due to a server update, Astrovert realizes only 5 minutes have passed on Earth.

Floating in space, he enjoys the beauty of the sea and the colorful stars spinning around black holes. He discovers a planet made of electricity, providing endless energy for his space train. Accidentally obtaining an alien plant called Rasta, he experiences time and space distortion. Fishing for random space junk, Astrovert finds rare delicacies from the black hole, including Twinkies cake. Surfing the sparkling waves of the nebula has become his trendy hobby with his newly acquired surfboard.

With the ‘Xpider’ device he found, Astrovert prepares for further adventures, curious about the mysteries and strange beings that await him.


Stay tuned for more!










  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
  • Profile: Similar to SA R1
  • Feature: LED translucent
  • Size: 1U
  • Resin casting with hand-painted
  • Designed by Dwarf Factory

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[In-stock] Dwarf Factory – Astrovert Artisan Keycap