Dwarf Factory – Ink The Cat Artisan Keycap (In-stock)


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Introducing “Ink The Cat” collection – 6 skins with stories!

“Be Wild, Be Cute, Be Ink The Cat!” – a troublemaker with a big grin

Ink, the adopted pet of the Adam family, brings charm to the Black River Port Town. With black fur and unblinking golden eyes, Ink is a cat with a dog’s mannerism. Always wreaking havoc and sitting wherever he fits, he disrupts the peaceful town.Accompanied by Spooky Fèn, an imaginative bee-like creature, Ink embarks on adventures.

Join Ink and Spooky Fèn as they explore the Black River, bringing mischief along the way!


  • Fully resin and colors
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
  • Keycap size: 1U
  • Keycap height: ~ 16 mm (~0.62 in)
  • Hand-painted with resin cover
  • Designed by Dwarf Factory


  • Ink The Cat keycap
  • Kraft paper box
  • Manual Package (1) including User guide (1) and rubber finger gloves (2)
  • Stickers
  • Arty card


  • From 20 – 30 days via USPS for US Market
  • Other locations take at most 60 days

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Dwarf Factory – Ink The Cat Artisan Keycap (In-stock)