Dwarf Factory – 9 Pokémon Artisan Keycap (In-stock)


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Dwarf Factory designs the Pokémon artisan keycaps that can bring you back to childhood, where you start your passion with the Pokémon. The keycaps are in the shape of an inverted T-hole toy box hanging upright in the toy stall’s rack, having a Pokémon standing in the center that was crafted meticulously to portrait the original. With the license granted by Pokémon, Dwarf Factory proudly presents Pokémon – Artisan Keycap.


  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
  • Equivalent to profile SAR1
  • Height: ~ 16 mm (0,46 in)
  • Hand-painted with resin cover
  • Designed by Dwarf Factory


  • 1 Pokémon Keycap
  • 1 Sliding Kraft Paper Box
  • 1 User guide
  • 2 rubber finger gloves


  • From 20 – 30 days via USPS for US Market
  • Other locations take at most 60 days
  • The Pokémon keycaps are estimated to be shipped out at the end of September, 2022
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Dwarf Factory – 9 Pokémon Artisan Keycap (In-stock)