[IC] First Love Switch

First Love switches are inspired by the purest emotions that many of us encountered.
“First romance, first love, is something so special to all of us, both emotionally and physically, that it touches our lives and enriches them forever.”
The whole development process of this switch is purposely designed to evoke such feelings when typing, from color matching to selecting and twisting different switch components. The collaboration with Darklab has considerably helped us to bring this concept to life. And that’s pretty much the story behind our first switch.

The switch has 2 main colors: blue and pink pastel. The color represents the cuteness and subtle memories that lasts in us of the first love. And not just the look but each keystroke also carries the same feeling. It’s very smooth due the materials selected for the housing and stem, as well as the very light factory lube on the sliders. It’s light as the spring we chose, which is 20mm and 50g bottom out, just enough to let your fingertips comfortably slides on the keyboard . Lastly, it sounds deep, probably as deep as the place that first love memories stay in our mind :p. After lots of tests, spring ping or leaf ping is confirmed as barely audible. We do hope typing on our First Love switches can remind people of the nice emotions during that period.


Top: modified PC
Bottom: POM
Stem: modified LY
Spring: 20mm
Pre-travel 2mm
Operating force 45g
Bottom out 50g
Total travel 3.2mm
Light factory lubed
Manu: BSUN
Expected price: ~59c


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